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Tatiana Potyomkina

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Tatiana Potyomkina, kettlebell lifter from Kazakhstan Tatiana Potyomkina, kettlebell lifter, was born in 1972, in Temirtau (Kazakhstan). Tatiana has two higher educations, as well as coaches' courses at the Academy of Sports and Tourism. She started training as amateur, showed good results but did not take part in competitions.

Tatiana met Andrey Bobryshev, when her result was at the world champion level. Andrey became Tatiana's sports manager. Some publications about Tatiana  Potyomkina were printed in local newspapers. In April 2006 they went to Saint-Petersburg for participation in youth athletic festival. Tatiana demonstrated there 24 kg power juggling with shuted eyes. After that Tatiana performed 28 kg jerk with changing arms 470 reps during one hour and 20 minutes in Military Institute of Physical Training in presence of press perpresentatives. She could lift more but press representatives were tired of being this show witnesses.

Then Andrey and Tatiana went to Kazan. There was the World Championship in long cycle among men. Tatiana performed 137 reps in 24 kg jerk for 10 minutes. Spectators were delighted with such result but sports persons were confused (as that time girls competed only with 16 kg kettlebells). There was the first presentation with 24 kg kettlebells and such a strong result was shown.

Tatiana PotyomkinaIn September 2006, Tatiana performed 151 reps in 24 kg snatch for 10 minutes in Kirovo-Chepetsk (Russia). Tatiana became a bronze medallist in 237 reps (16 kg kettlebell, snatch) at the World IGSF Championship in Latvia. At the closing championship ceremony she performed 24 kg in snatch. Tatiana showed the result in 113 reps. Then she was alarmingly sick and Andrey, her sports manager, helped Tatiana to be recovered by picking her up to the mountainous health resort Issyk Kul lake. Pure air, pure sea salt water, pure water from artesian wells, swimming and running as well as dietary habits did a great miracle.

Tatiana showed many outstanding results after recovering:
-    The IUKL Championship of Europe, Latvia, Venspils 2008, snatch 16 kg, 212 reps - second place.
-    The World IUKL Championship, Russia, Smolensk 2008, snatch 24 kg, 108 reps, Tatiana Potyomkina became the World Champion.
-    The World Championship 2009, Estonia, Tallinn, snatch 24 kg, 112 reps - second place. She only lost for Russian athlete Anastasia Zolotareva, she is a powerful rival for Tatiana. The World Championship among veterans was held the next day in Tallinn. 

Tatiana performed snatch 32 kg, 44 reps for the first time in woman's kettlebell lifting history. Everybody was again delighted with such unofficial record!

Tatiana Potemkina

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