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Competition in Denmark

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Kettlebell competition in Denmark17 lifters from the whole of Denmark and one German made the effort to turn up and challenged themselves at a sport they never really  tried before, for most of them.
Arhus Kettlebell Long Cycle was arranged by Thierry Sanchez on Saturday 19 March 2011. There were 2 disciplines none of which were traditional GS. (rules explanation at the bottom
Rules were made to be as accessible as possible to any kettlebell enthusiast. No weight classes and coefficients for the bell weight.
People lifting the heavier bells were in that way rewarded, but anyone was free to use the size they wanted, more or less.
The local TV showed up, and in all about 40 people were watching and cheering.
Everybody who tried the 5 minute event lasted the full set, except one woman who lost the bell with only 30 seconds to go.
10 guys gave the 32kg kettlebell a go with the 3 minute Barbarian sprint event, but only Sif Skov Hansen (Who went to IGSF in Milano 2010) participated in the sprint.
One guy turned up to try kettlebells for the first time in his life, and he did both disciplines.
In Denmark hardly anyone knows or train GS, but this event was really succesful! Only the day before  was kettlebell sport demonstrated on national TV for the first time ever in Denmark, with a 2 minute sprint and some power juggling.
The 5 minute Long cycle consist of a clean followed by a jerk. However, any kind of press or push press is allowed. Bells must not be placed on the floor but resting in a hang position  is also allowed. Resting on the shoulders is not allowed.
Proper lockout (knees and elbows straight, body at a standstill) must be demonstrated for the rep to be valid.
3 failed reps in a row terminate the set. Placing the bell(s) on the floor terminates the set.
Women are allowed 1 change of hand during the 5 minutes. The free hand may not assist in any way.
Guys can choose 2x16,2x20 or 2x24kg. Women can choose 8, 12 or 16kg.
Coefficient are used to reward people lifting with heavier bells.
The Barbarian Clean and freestyle press is a one arm/ one kettlebell sprint  with limited rules.
You are allowed to change hands as many times as possible, and even set the bell on the floor.
You just have to lock the kettlebell overhead in anyway you want and bring it back down again between your legs.  Snatch is not allowed. That's about it.
3 minutes with 32kg for men and 20kg for women.
Winner is calculated as follow: Kettlebell weight x coefficient x reps / bodyweight

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