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Russian Federation of Kettlebell SportRussia is the motherland of Girevoy Sport (kettlebell sport). The Russian team is the strongest team at all World Championships.

Kettlebell lifting in Russia appeared in the early 80s of the last century (it was the USSR time). That time wasn't the rule about time limit for lifting. In 1989 new rules were introduced, they restricted time for each exercise performance, only 10 minutes.

The first USSR championship was held in Lipetsk in November, 1985. The kettlebell lifting popularity increased from year to year. 223 sportsmen from 14 soviet republics took part in the USSR championship in 1987. The chronicle of the Russian kettlebell lifting championships in biathlon has been kept since 1984 in the kettlebell lifting handbook of the Russian Federation.

The first official championship of Russia in three weight categories: up to 60,80 and over 80 kg  was held in Orenburg, November, 26 1984. Championships of Russia in long cycle have been started since 1998. The first championship was held in Saint-Petersburg in 1998, February, 20-22. The championships of Russia in biathlon among juniors have been started since 1999. The championship of Russia among women in three weight categories up to 60, 70 and over 70 kg has been held for the first time in November 2001, Babaevo city, Vologda region. The competition was held in snatch of 16 kg kettlebell.

The leading kettlebell lifters of Russia offered to introduce into competition program the relay races in classical and long cycle jerk. These relay races are usually started at the end of the competition. Each team member performs reps during 3 minutes in maximum speed, at the same time competing with other team members. Total reps ammount of all team members taken into account when team-winners is defined. Rely races were involved in championships program of Russia and cups.

The first super athlete in Russia is Sergey Mishin. His personal records are 170 jerk and 104 snatch (for each arm). It is necessary to specify that famous honored Master of Sport Sergey Mishin when competing in championship of Russia in 2005 in individual jerk showed 160 reps and became the champion in weight category  over 90 kg at the age of 47. Later Sergey became the main coach of the Russian National Team. The first President of the Russian Kettlebell Lifting Federation is Mikhail Ponarsky. He was the President from 1991 to 2003. The main Russian kettlebell organization is the "Russian Kettlebell Sport Federation". President of this organization is Igor Solodov. Vladimir Rasskazov, Master of the USSR sport, honored coach of Russia, judge of international category was the head of the All-Russian Kettlebell Lifting Federation from 1975 to 1996. Then Mikhail Ponarsky was the head of the All-Russian Kettlebell Lifting Federation from 1996 to 2005. The headquarters of the All-Russian Kettlebell Lifting Federation was in Rybinsk.

Vitaliy Malkin was selected as the new president of the the All-Russian Kettlebell Lifting Federation January, 28 2005. Then in 2009 this position took Igor Solodov.

There are a lot of strong athletes now in Russia. They are Ivan Denisov, Anton Anasenko, Andrey Kravtsov, Johnny Benidze and many others. The main coach of the Russian National Team is Sergey Kirillov.

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