International Girya Sport Federation


Internation Girya Sport Federation (IGSF)

The International Girya Sport Federation has been started in October, 29, 1992. Vladimir Rasskazov (Lipetsk, Russia) has been selected by a solid vote the president of the federation. The first championship of the Europe was held in December of the same year. In 1993 the first world kettlebell lifting championship has been held in November, 20-21.

The championship was held in six weight categories with 32 kg kettlebells. The result in snatch was set off as double sum of reps quantity with a weak arm. Champions in weight categories were: up to 60 kg Vassily Zaitsev (Russia, 119 (jerks 68, snatches 51)); up to 65 kg Roman Mikhalchuk (Ukraine, 159 (87+72)); up to 70 kg Michael Kobzev (Russia, 173 (107+66)); up to 80 kg Valery Fedorenko (Kazakhstan, 225 (127+98)); up to 90 kg Fanis Salakhiev (Russia, 219 (131+88)); over 90 kg Sergey Mishin (Russia, 245 (168+77)). Work on Kettlebell lifting development in the far abroad countries has begun. Communication with former compatriots related to the kettlebell lifting has brought positive results. After a while the next world championships have been held in Greece and then in Germany. Besides these countries sportsmen from Hungary, Italy and Poland took part in official international kettlebell lifting competitions.

In 2004 International Girya Sport Federation held performances in San Francisco. It was one more impulse to develop International Kettlebell Lifting.

In 2007 there was a split in IGSF. Some part of countries representatives have entered into the International Kettlebell Union. IGSF Headquarters has moved to Ukraine, Yury Scherbina became its President.

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